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insurance company secrets…read this or make 'em richer!

Let me be blunt.

If you think Life Insurance Companies are nice...

If you have been with the same bank and same insurance company for years because (as my mother-in-law said)


"they always treated us nice..."


If you believe they would lower your rates if they could afford to...

Then please go to another section of our website, because this section is going to offend you.


But...if you believe Life Insurance Companies:

  1. are bottom line motivated 

  2. absolutely would never lower your rate unless they felt it was in their best interest


Then you need a Life Insurance Audit.


If you are thinking, "My agent reviewed my policy..."


Then you simply need to look at a sample audit... this was designed for CPAs and estate planning attorneys that serve as trustees for insurance policies. As trustees they have a fiduciary responsibility. (That means their butts are on the line. They are legally responsible. The Life Insurance Audit was designed to help prevent them from getting sued.)


The cost of providing life insurance has dramatically decreased because:

  • people are living longer 

  • better disease management 

  • better technology to isolate which conditions will shorten lifespans


But has your insurance company ever called to say,

"Our costs have gone down. We are decreasing your premium by 30%"


Do you realize:

  • your insurance company may be charging new clients, who are older than you, less than they are charging you? 

  • even though you are older than when you purchased your policy (perhaps much older), that your rate on a new policy might be lower?

  • even if you have developed health problems since purchasing your old policy, that you may still be able to get a lower premium? 

  • you may be able to change policies without losing your cash value?

How much can you save?...I expect a substantial amount,

enough to make you ticked off that you did not meet us before.


"Click here"to contact us to see a sample Life Insurance Audit, or to request a Life Insurance Audit for your policies.


Next month I will post an interview with a client who was amazed at what I accomplished for him…
In the meantime, if you would like to hear the interview, just ask.

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