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Sit back...relax...

while you are making free money for your charity.

We provide a unique and  easy  way for you and your patients to  donate  to your favorite charity

 at no cost to you.


Yes, absolutely no cost to you!

That is why I founded:

Financial Advisors Against Cancer™


Insurance Agents Against Cancer™

Let's face it, you already have a financial specialist, probably several.
Many of these donate time and money toward fighting cancer.

But I am taking this a step further.

We will try to put you together with a professional in your area that will donate part of their earnings from working with you towards fighting cancer.

Not just fighting cancer, but fighting the specific type of cancer you choose.

These programs are both are in their infancy.
Right now we are in the middle of making sure that no rebating laws are violated.

For more details, just "click here" to contact us.


If you are a financial professional that would like to considered for inclusion, contact us for requirements.

Why am I doing this?

We have all had someone in our lives that developed cancer.
I have had clients, friends and relatives who developed cancer.

But you never realize how difficult it is, until it is someone very close to you…

my wife died from brain cancer.

(We were married over 30 years. She was also my best friend).

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