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Gold, silver &  gold-pressed latinum

(If you are a Star Trek fan, you know that "gold-pressed latinum" is an extremely valued possession.)


Have you wondered if you should buy gold or other precious metals?
I am not saying you should buy gold or silver.
But if you are considering it, I may be able to give you some guidance:

What and who to avoid. 


Reputable places to deal with.

There is an opportunity to lose a lot of money.


Examples of past scams and other problems:
Silver American Eagles were sold that had been shaved to reduce the amount of silver that was actually in the coins. 


If you decide to buy gold, many of the companies will try to switch you to coins with numismatic value.

These are the coins with value to coin collectors that is above the bullion (weight) value. These can provide a much higher profit to them, as compared to selling you gold bullion. 


If you buy collectible coins, the condition determines the price. If the coins are slightly misgraded, the value can be lower ...much lower. 


Use extreme caution if a company wants to hold your gold or silver.


There have been cases where the holdings were never made.
One instance went on for years, I think it was 14 years, before it was determined that only a small percentage of the deposits had been made. 

Some problems have happened with some of the best known companies.


This is not saying to avoid precious metals. 
Some people feel that gold & silver can be an insurance policy for you.
If you would like some guidance, about future or past purchases, let me know. Just "click here"to contact us. 

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